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Does this sound familiar to you?

You are a high achieving, ambitious BOSS Lady who has always kicked ass and excelled in life. Your high flying career bringing in the big bucks looks to everyone else like you are living the dream. But in reality you are falling over in exhaustion.   


This guide has been downloaded by thousands of budding entrepreneurs on their journey from ideation to commercialisation 

You want it to change NOW!

Discover how to crush your binge eating habits and get your magic back for good!


Download this FREE Guide to Discover

What’s really holding you back from getting more conversions (and it's not what you think!)

How to end the overwhlem, make all your systems "play nicely" and keep your customers happy as Larry.

The key to getting more leads on autopilot so you can get back to doing what you love - building cool stuff.

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Word on the street

Thank you for the life changing experience, I really feel that I could not have to transitioned to the next chapter of my life, if not for you. You really helped me clear the fog and make better decisions about my life. Thank you so much.

Laywer, Sydney

Working with Kim has been a fantastic experience. She has an incredible ability to empower women and help you to problem solve in order to ensure you are doing the best you can with what suits your individualised life. I would highly recommend Kim to other women and cannot wait to continue working with her!

Business Owner, Sydney

Even though you have done everything you were "supposed to do" and achieved some pretty cool stuff, you are still fighting to keep the ship aflot and when the going gets tough you reach for the snickers bar or anything that will give you the next sugar rush just to keep you going that little bit longer. 

Get the FREE Guide NOW!

Wowing investors isn't easy...

The Busy Boss Lady Guide to Endless Energy & Motivation All Day Long - Without Spending Hours & Hours At The Gym

As well as a free pitch deck, this investment pitching kit includes an in-depth 30 page guide for how to plan your investment strategy and prepare your actual pitch. 


You are constantly frustrated and pissed off with what the world has fed you (literally) - all the BS about this diet and that've tried them all. Nothing works. The whole thing just seems like one big scam to you. 

All this is causing you to doubt yourself, BIG TIME!

As a result you are starting to lose your focus at work, and your weight just keeps on creeping higher and higher. Hell, even climbing that ONE flight of stairs brings on the puffing now adays for you!  You are over it all yet at the same time feeling entirely overwhelmed. 

Your commitment to your career working around the clock seems like the right thing to do if you want to get where you want to go, but the reality is you are burning out.  

You can't sleep at night wondering "is this it?"

You want more.

You wake up every morning thinking "what the hell us wrong wth me, why am I always so exhausted?""

You are fed up, not content with this life, and feel like your only salvation is the next sugar hit you can get your hands on...

Waiting For You In The Guide...

- Customisable Pitch Deck

- Breakdown of the Deck


- Personal Selling Tips

- Marketing Advice

- Insights into The Investors Mindset

- Do's & Dont's of Pitching

See what's


Do you have a groundbreaking app idea but you're not sure if it has wings?

Proudly Helping Startups Fly Not Flop! As seen in...



This Investor Kit is perfect for startups looking for advice on pitching

Hiring Buzinga to develop my app was one of the best decisions I made. Not only did they create my dream mobile app, but I made a team of great friends and mentors too!

Natalie Kyriacou

Director of My Green World

We chose to build our app with Buzinga, due to our belief that they were more about building a business relationship and would be invested in our app's success, opposed to viewing our project as a money grab. 

James Hattam


Buzinga really engaged with me to make Views on Top the app I dreamt it could be. We were very proud to be a Finalist in the 2014 Mobile App and Design awards! 

Margaret Scott

Founder of Views on Top

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